Another way in which you can associate with Krushi is by sponsoring a meal or snack for the home or children under various projects.
Many families of well wishers and friends of Krushi enjoy spending an special family occasion or commemorate a special family day at the Krushi Home with children. We often have families celebrating birthdays, especially of their children, anniversaries of their elders or commemorative days at the home. They sponsor a meal or party snacks when they do so and spend some happy moments along with the home children.
You can also sponsor meals or snacks in absentia by sending in your contribution. The occasion will be celebrated and children given the special meal as per your desire and budget.
You are free to contact our Home staff or in-charge to discuss and finalise the contribution as per your choice.
As a thumb rule we will be pleased to accept the following contributions for such causes:

  1. One Special Lunch/Dinner Veg                                             : Rs 7000/-
  2. One Special Lunch /Dinner Non Veg                                    : Rs 10000/-
  3. Special snacks evening/morning tea time (one session) : Rs 2500/-
  4. Fruits/Ice Cream (one helping)

We prefer not to encourage distribution or serving of food cooked outside, esp in hotels except for cakes or bakery or packaged foods items