Team Whirlpool visit to krushi on 11th Nov 2017

The employees of whirlpool company visited Krushi on 11th Nov 2017 to celebrate Children’s day and to sponsor Lunch for the children as it was a schools holiday due to 2nd Saturday.

The general manager of the company Mr.Sanjeev Singh appreciated the Saikorian Association for doing a dedicated service to the under privileged children. He also promised that he would make it a point to conduct interviews exclusively for Krushi children twice a year at Krushi for those who finished 10+2. To begin with, Rajkamal, krushi boy who finished his ITI have been interviewed and was selected.

Minutes for the monthly meeting March-17

Association Saikorian – Project Krushi Meeting was held at Krushi Premises on Sunday, 26th March, 2017 at 4:00 pm. Following Members and Staff attended the meeting.

1 President Er JS Rao 14
2 Vice President Mr Jasthi Ganesh 1262
3 Secretary Lt Col GK Rao (Retd) 944
4 Mr M Durga Prasad 746
5 Lt Col (Retd) N.Sainna 1001
6 Mr P Ramesh 1849
7 Mr K Subba Rao 82
8 Mr V L.Madhava Rao 782
9 Mr R Jayaram 1347
10 Mr K Madhava Rao 1310
11 Col V V Rao 1310
12 Mr TSR Prasad 1385
13 Col V V Rao 1338
14 Dr E Sanjeev Kumar 2034
15 Mr A Srinivas 1991
16 Mr KSR Kumar 1000


Mr S Ravi Kumar
Mr D Vengal Rao
Mr D Venkateshwarlu
Mr S Ramakrishnudu


Mr K N Agarwal C/o Mr J Ganesh
Roll No. 1262

There’s no place like Krushi home

The following Agenda Points were discussed and Decisions taken by the Committee for the month of Mar 2017

Polytechnic Coaching Classes

Polytechnic Coaching Classes are planned to be conducted at Krushi Premises for the SSC students of Krushi and the supported schools with effect from 01 Apr to 20 Apr 2017. Entrance Examination is scheduled on 22nd Apr 17. A Short Training session of 20 days can be given to the children.

Decision : Committee approved to organize Polycet Training Classes at Krushi Premises like every year. Committee suggested to mail the approx budget for approval.

On The Job Training

On job training to the boys studying Metallurgy 2nd year at Ramanthapur. They were allotted OJT at BHEL and KGR Industry, Cherlapally respectively. Training schedule is from 6:45 Am to 4 Pm. Have to work out a plan to facilitate the boys to attend the training.

Decision : Committee suggested to give Rs 500/- per month towards the room rent till completion of OJT and inform the boys to repay the amount after they receive their Internship Stipend.

Water Proofing for Krushi Building

Decision : Mr.C.Ramesh Kumar, Civil Engineer of R.K.Engineers, specialized in water proofing has given detailed estimation for water proofing. He had submitted a quotation for Rs 35.5 Lakhs and Committee felt that the quote is too high to afford. Committee entrusted responsibility to MrTSR Prasad, Roll No. 1385 to bring Mr Mahidhar (Architect of Krushi Building Design) and take his suggestion to solve the water seepage problem during monsoon.

Tech Mahindra Monitoring Tools for School Children

Decision : Committee suggested to take support of Mr.P.Ramesh, Roll No. 1849 to analyze the tools. Entrusted responsibility to Mr KSR Kumar, Director, Krushi to plan the schedule of Mr Ravikumar to monitor the tools.

The List of Donors for the month of Mar 17

1 Mr G Damodar Reddy 13000
2 Dr N Eswar Chandra 7000
3 Mr R Ganesh 1000
4 Col PG Krishna 7000
5 Gp Capt KSV Sharma Used Sofa Set
6 Mr MVSN Murty 3000
7 Mrs BL Sujatha 1517
8 M/s Microsoft India (Pvt) Ltd 1,94,388
9 Col C Kurma Rao 7000
10 Maj Gen M Ramesh Babu (Retd) 3000
11 Gp Capt Ranbir Singh (Retd) 20000
12 Dr YUB Rao Snacks
13 Mr Manoj Kumar Reddy 7000
14 Dr A Usha Ranir 5000
15 Mrs PV Subrahmanyam 80 Ltrs Edible oil
16 Mr K Subba Rao 7500
17 Mrs G Sucharitha W/o Lt Col GK Rao (Retd) 10000
18 Ms D Jyothsna 7000
19 Mr MB Satya Kumar 30000
20 Mr Rajeshwar Reddy Brought material cooked here and arranged meal
21 Mr Balejaalli Bhargava Teja 12000
22 M/s Tricities Securities 20000
23 Cmde (IN) M Vijay Kumar Rao (Retd) 25000
24 Mr KK Prasad 21000
25 Mr Sanjeev & Suryakiran 50 Kg Chakki Atta
26 Mr G Appireddy 7000
27 Mr S Narendra Kumar 7500
28 Mrs Neena K Sanghvi 7000
29 Mr Suraj Kumar Patny 10000
30 Cdr (IN) P Venkata Chalam (Retd) 10000
31 Dr L Raj Kumar 10000
32 M/s Hitachi Solutions India Pvt Ltd 2,50,000
33 Cmde (IN) Sudheer Parakala (Retd) 7000
34 Mrs N Sirusha 28000
35 Mrs A Swarnalatha 12000
36 Brig Y Shravan Kumar 15000
37 Mr A Navkanth Reddy 4000