Environmental activities
The Association is in the forefront of undertaking environmentally relevant projects from time to time. The home itself is an exemplary icon of environmentally friendly campus with every possible facility as described in the Infrastructure page of this web site.
On special occasions and commemorative days we conduct extensive drives for tree plantation and conduct motivational events to encourage local youth and students to undertake the same.
Educational Programs
The Association sponsors and conducts inter school programs like exhibitions and events relevant to science and technology, environment awareness and health awareness. We also hold competitions between schools to encourage science education and develop practical knowledge.

Rural sports
Rural sports are a focus of our activity. We conduct inter school and inter village sports competitions and events. Hundreds of children from various schools and villages take part with great enthusiasm and we invite them to share and utilize the excellent sports facilities available at the Krushi Home. Krushi sports festival is a much popular event in the revenue mandal area and most keenly attended.

Medical Camps
The Association conducts regular free medical camps in the villages and areas close to our home. A team of doctors from within the Saikorian fraternity render their services voluntarily in association with a few well wishers, foundations and friends of Krushi.

The home also is proud of its fully equipped Dental Centre which not only serves the children but also is used to conduct free dental camps for local villagers. We conduct regular dental camps in association with a few doctors a voluntary basis as also the  Army Dental College.

Blood & Organ Donation
The Association conducts regular camps for organ pledging and blood donation especially during commemorative days and occasions. However Saikorians through their close network and with the support of internet connectivity are constantly lending timely support to a number of patients throughout the year.