Association Saikorian has over the years undertaken innumerable project and activities for the betterment of education and upliftment of the needy segments of the society. Many activities were conducted / undertaken within the city and in slum areas when Krushi Home was operating form its old location in the city limits. These activities have left an indelible mark of improvement nd development in those areas.

The Association will strive to reconnect with the range of activities and projects as a continuous effort to take up socially relevant initiatives. Some of the details of activities which we took up actively and accomplished with elan are endorsed in subsequent paragraphs.

Support to Government Schools
In the year 1997, Project Krushi started seven schools in Hyderabad slums, in association with Balajyothi, a Central Government Programme, working for eradication of child labour. Besides providing basic education to children in the slums, who otherwise had no access to schools, Project Krushi concentrated on the all round development of the children. The success story of these schools is evident from the fact that the State Government has taken over these schools in the year 2001.
Exposure to the Krushi-Balajyothi Schools, has given Project Krushi an insight into the shortcomings in the Government Schools and it was felt that support to the Government schools would help in taking quality education to a large number of children living in urban slums. Towards this end, support to six Government Primary schools was extended in the year 2002-03, by providing them with teaching / learning material, arranging for better accommodation, providing para teachers, ayahs etc., based on the need of each school.

S. No. Name of the School Number of Children
Hyderabad District
1 Government Primary School, Indira nagar 366
2 Government Primary Schoool, Devara Konda Basti, 90
3 Government Upper Primary School, Yellareddy guda 488
4 Government Primary School (Telugu medium )Sriram nagar 223
5 Government Primary School (Urdu Medium )Sriram nagar 132
6 Government Primary School, Vinayak nagar 125
7 Government High School, Sanath nagar 318
8 Government Primary School, Ameerpet 180
9 Government Primary Round Table School, Begumpet 362
10 Government Boys High School, YMCA, Secunderabad 201
Total Children covered in Hyderabad District 2485
Ranga Reddy District
11 Mandal Primary School, Parvath nagar 227
12 Mandal Primary School, K.S. Nagar 253
13 Mandal Parishad High School, Babbuguda 315
14 Mandal Primary School, Pardi Basti 366
15 Mandal Primary School, Goutham nagar 90
16 Mandal Primary School, Pragati nagar 488
17 Mandal Parishad High School, R P Colony 223
18 Mandal Primary School, Venkateswara nagar 132
19 Mandal Parishad High School, Shamshiguda 125
20 Mandal Upper Primary School, Yellammabanda 318
21 Mandal Primary School, Gowdavally 180
22 Mandal Parishad High School, Gowdavally 362
Total Children covered in Ranga Reddy District 3688
Total Children covered in 2005-06 6173

Community Centers
Working in the slums has made Project Krushi realize the importance of education, vocational training, medical help and counseling, to the residents. With these in view, the concept of “Community Centers” has been developed and implemented in slums.
B. K. Guda
The concept of “Community Centers” was first introduced in the B. K. Guda slum in March 2002. This is one of the largest slums in the Twin Cities, located in an inaccessible area, sandwiched between the Hyderabad Airport and the Railway Line. With financial support from Friends Indeed, the centre provides vocational training – presently in the field of embroidery, crochet/tatting and tailoring for girls to supplement their family income. Five batches of girls, comprising 90 girls have been successfully trained.
Vocational Trainees were issued with certificates of proficiency by Association Saikorian
An amount of Rs. 20,000/- was provided as seed capital for purchase of fabrics and other materials to commercially market the products. Some of the trained girls are working outside, earning Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 1,500 per month while others are stitching at home and supporting their families. The Air Force Wives Welfare Society, Begumpet Air Force Station, Hyderabad, have come forward to give regular orders for the products made in the Community Centre, to be marketed in their Thrift Shop.
Pardhi Basthi
The second community centre was taken up in the Pardhi Basthi slum, in Fatehnagar, and has become operational from January, 2003. It is located in one of the rooms of the renovated school building. The enthusiasm with which the community has joined in the efforts of Project Krushi is heartening and vocational courses on similar lines as in B. K. Guda slum are being introduced in this Centre.
Borabanda – H.F. Nagar
This centre was started in 2004 October. 40 women have been trained and another 30 are going to finish their training by the end of January. Here there is more potential for development, people are more receptive and the teacher is more open to the ideas, people of this area are relatively more literates and willing for the changes. Recently a sale / exhibition was held, with the help of the girls from the centre, where some of the material was sold, getting some publicity for the effort and the products. It is hoped that orders for school uniforms would be received by the next academic year.
These community centers were closed down after the new Home was started. A community centre UPADHI was constructed within the Krushi Home Premises and Welding and stitching equipment have been installed. The centre is expected to start functioning soon.
The 25 station computer centre has started functioning. Basic computer awareness programs are conducted at this centre for the benefit of Krushi children and also the youth of the surrounding villages.