The Association is presently operating three chapters at Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada. Each Chapter is run by elected executive body of volunteer representatives of the alumni.   All the three Chapters are governed by a Central Committee constituted out of the elected executive bodies of the Chapters. The President of the Central Committee is by convention nominated and is usually the Senior Most Serving Defence Officer from amongst the alumni posted in Hyderabad.
Project Krushi comes under the overall management of Hyderabad Chapter. It is run by various committees and sub committees which are constituted by elected/nominated volunteers from amongst the alumni. Each chapter has similar arrangements to conduct socially useful activities in the respective chapter areas.
Hyderabad Chapter of Association Saikorian takes care of the management of Project Krushi and other activities. The day to day operations are conducted by the staff and employees appointed by the Association. The activities are enabled by the support of entire Saikorian fraternity, support of extended Saikorians present in India and other parts of the world and many well wishers and friends of the Association and its institutions.


S.No. Roll No Name Mail-Id Contact Number
1 14 Er.J.S.Rao President 9848096333
2 1262 Mr.Jasthi Ganesh Vice President
3 944 Lt.Col(Retd) G.K.Rao Secretary 9849694212
4 2955 Mr. Deepak Battula Joint Secretary 9866922955
5 2147 Mr.N.Chandrasekhar Treasurer 9849611997
S.No. Roll No Name Mail-Id Contact Number
1 1214 Air Cdre. N.N. Reddy President Central Chapter 9494873264
2 Comdr.SVR Murty member
3 761 Mr.Brahmaiah Member
4 1440 Mr.K.K.Prasad Member
5 2968 Mr.Y.Kishore Member 9900092968
6 Mr.Ravisankar Member 9491192644
7 2170 Mr.Manohar Reddy Member 9247237175
8 4239 Mr.Naveen Naik Member 8801549988