Since the leased premises at Begumpet was too little and more youngsters couldn't be obliged a search was embraced to move to a greater place. Since such a place couldn't be found at a sensible cost inside the city limits as far as possible, the main way out was to move to the edges of the city. At last a 2.5acre piece of land located at Gowdavelly town, in Medchal on the outskirts of Hyderabad was distinguished and acquired. The building was developed with significant monetary help from "Companions Indeed", a Dutch association. This new home which is commissioned from June, 2006 can oblige 100 kids all the time and another 25 in travel.

The new Home at Gowdavelly town began working from June 2006 yet was finished and formally initiated on 24th February, 2007 by the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Shri. Rameshwar Thakur.

3 Outcomes of an Excellent Education

The Building

  • The aggregate zone of the land - 3688 Sq. mtrs. Add up to developed zone – 1780 Sq. Mts.
  • Two dormitories with discrete latrine pieces to house 50 youngsters in every quarter
  • One travel residence with latrine piece to house 25 children(mostly fresh introductions)
  • An extensive eating corridor with a cutting-edge kitchen and store joined
  • A 25 workstation PC focus
  • An indoor games office
  • Study rooms with furniture
  • A two-room flat for the stay of the House Master/Co-ordinator

A Green Home

  • Solar Power Plant. The home is totally powered by its own roof mounted 19.6 KVA solar power plant.
  • Water Recycling Plant. A waste water re-cycling plant has been installed which completely recycles the toilet, bath, kitchen waste.
  • Solar Water Heating System. A solar water heating system has been installed to provide hot water both for bathing and also for kitchen use.
  • Water Purification RO Plant. The home has its own RO plant to provide pure drinking water to the children.
  • Green Surroundings. The home is proud of the extensive greenery in around it with well laid our plants and trees.

The Outdoor Facilities

  • A foot ball court
  • A basket ball court
  • A volley ball court
  • An open air auditorium
  • Lawns, hedges, plants
  • Kitchen garden to provide a whole range of vegetables