Krushi Home

Krushi Home is the flagship project of Association Saikorian. It is dedicated home with complete facilities, infrastructure and staff to house, groom and take care of 150 boy children. The children are between ages of approx 4 to 20 and are taken on rolls after a thorough screening and verification. A trained team of counselors and volunteers scout various locations, public places, Govt and private agencies where such children are often found and identify children in difficult circumstances and motivate them to join the home.

The complete antecedents and background of the child are screened and every effort is made to identify and locate the parents and family if any.  The first priority is to restore the child to his home or parents. In case that is not possible the child is retained and enrolled to the home.

At the home the child is provided with a progressive, healthy and hygienic environment. Our trained counselors and teachers and home staff   ensure proper grooming and motivation in order to help the child adapt to a normal as life as possible. The child is then enrolled in the local schools in relevant class and provided formal education.

Each child at the home is educated upto higher secondary school level  and thereafter,  based on his performance and uptake, he is provided further education in vocational, technical and higher education till he becomes eligible and trained for a suitable job or occupation.
Hundreds of children have been fortunate to grow up and graduate from Krushi Home over the past 15 years and have rejoined the mainstream of society as useful citizens.  Some have proceeded obtain higher qualifications are very well settled in life. The details are given in Students Details and Success Stories page of this site.

The present home, which is housed in a unique iconic structure was established in a 2.5 acres sprawling campus near Gowdavally village of Medchal mandal in 2003. The facility has spacious and hygienic living and dining spaces and conducive study halls as also all types of outdoor and indoor sports facilities, It is a fully green enabled facility powered by solar energy, having its own water recycling plant, kitchen garden with a rain water harvesting system in implementation stage.

Support to Government Schools

After the Home was shifted to Gowdavelly village, it was thought fit to focus attention on the rural areas especially in the villages near to Krushi Home. Over the years it was found that in spite of providing adequate infra-structure and other facilities in Government schools, good academic progress was not forthcoming. It was therefore decided to concentrate only on a few schools with special focus on all round academic development

The Association Saikorian has thus adopted and co-manages a number of such rural govt schools located in and around the Krushi Home. The Association keeps a close interaction with staff and management of the local schools and identifies their needs and requirements to help them perform better and improve the standards of education. We also monitor the progress and review the performance to make course corrections and optimize our assistance.

We provide various types of assistance to these schools as deemed necessary to help them provide better and meaningful education to children of the local area. While the most important assistance is in terms of providing additional teaching staff to augment the government staff we also provide other assistance as listed below:

  • Provide additional teaching staff
  • Provide additional admin staff where necessary
  • Provide infrastructure like buildings/additional rooms, utilities, administrative facilities etc.
  • Provide teaching aids, materials and equipment including state of the art audio visual and computer aided teachings systems.
  • Conduct extra classes/vacation camps for Class X batches

The present list of schools we are assisting are tabulated as under

S.No Name Of the School Location Student


Teachers & Staff appointed by Krushi
1 Z.P.H.School Gowdavalli,Medchal 220 05 + 02
2 Z.P.High School Nuthankal 180 02
3 Z.P.High School Ravalkol 220 03
4 Z.P.High School Girmapur 100 02
5 Z.P.High School Srirangavaram 240 03
6 Z.P.High School Dabilpur 180 01
7 Zillaparishad Primary School Gowdavelly 180 03 + 01
8 Zillaparishad Primary School Railapur 120 01
9 Zillaparishad Primary School Bandamadharam 55 01
10 Zillaparishad Primary School Srirangavaram 120 05 + 02
11 Zillaparishad Primary School Dabilpur 150 01
12 Zillaparishad Primary School Girmapur 140 01
13 Zillaparishad Primary School Harijanawada 160 01
14 Zillaparishad Primary School Ravalkol 140 01
15 Zillaparishad Primary School Nuthankal 140  


   Total Teachers &       Staff      31 + 05

Vocational Training

The Association also undertakes to impart vocational training to youth and employable population of the local villages and areas. It has in the past conducted several such successful campaigns while located in the city. Having moved to the outskirts the focus and target courses was modified. We are constantly trying to identify relevant areas of training and attempting to establish infrastructure and facility to provide such training.

Project Upaadhi. Project Upaadhi is one such endeavor where the Association has established a vocational training center to impart job oriented skills training in the eras of welding, sheet metal work, carpentry, plumbing, electricity, tailoring etc. Necessary equipment and training material have been installed in a special facility constructed for this purpose in the campus.
Computer Training. At Krushi Home we have established a modern computer training lab with over 25 PCs which are extensively used by our children. We also use this facility to conduct regular courses in computer applications, IT familiarization and basic training to local boys and girls form neighboring villages. These courses are popular especially during vacation period and are fully subscribed.,